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About Chaser

Chaser was not only the smartest dog in the world, she was a beloved family member.


She was a witty, charming and sparkling dog who brought joy to everyone who met her. 

She was not an obedient dog, she knew the obedience commands, but John Pilley only used those for safety. Obedience was not the goal of their relationship; their's was true teamwork.

Chaser, a purebred Border collie, was born on April 28, 2004, at Flint Hill Farms in Pauline, South Carolina. Eight weeks later, she became a member of the Pilley family, and John’s research partner in exploring the boundaries of the canine brain. She and John Pilley officially retired from public performances and film shoots in early 2018. 

Some fun facts about Chaser:
*Chaser is a girl.
*She prefers people over other dogs.
*She knows how to clean up her toys but is very slow and sloppy with it unless she knows she gets to play afterwards.
* She goes to the gym at Wofford College every morning to work out with John Pilley who is 86 years young.
* She gets a seat on the airplane due to her celebrity status.  She is a good traveler.
* She loves children because they are the best playmates.
* She likes to "go" but won't walk out the door until we tell her where we are going.
* She doesn't like to "go" to the store, because she has to sit in the car.
* She is a con artist.  She can manipulate people to do her bidding on a daily basis.
* She herds the other Pilley family pets around the house. (Spirit is a female Husky, Billy is a male grey tabby & Mollie is a female calico)  They are not impressed by Chaser.  
* A blue raquet ball is her favorite toy.  She has had hundreds and most are stuck under the furniture in the Pilley house.  
* She always has to have something in her mouth.  In the house it is a toy.  Outside, it can be a stick, pinecone or leaf.  In NYC, unfortunately, the only thing she can usually find is a cigarette butt, which we do not encourage.  
*  She knows the difference between her toys and other objects, so there is no danger of her playing with a toy (or shoe) that is not hers.  
*  She did not really bark until she was 6 years old.  Her bark is very low, deep & loud.  She doesn't bark very frequently, so when she does, we listen.
*  Chaser has always worn a purple collar.  It is John Pilley's favorite color.
*  Chaser doesn't like to pose for pictures.  She has her "frozen face" when the 
camera is on her as she stoically tolerates the snapping, but the minute the camera goes down, she engages with enthusiasm.  In order to get a good shot, we toss her ball in the background.
* Chaser's breeder is the legendary Wayne West, owner of Flint Hill Farms in Pauline, SC.  
* Chaser is a perpetual 3 year old toddler.
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