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Le Chien qui comprends 1000 mots

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Huffington Post: Dog Gets Grammar? Chaser The Border Collie Knows Nouns, Verbs & Prepositions, Study Shows:
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Fox & Friends The Show After the Show: 

Huffington Post: Descartes the Bogeyman -- and the Dog Who's Nailing His Coffin Shut
Business Insider:
Live Science:
MSN: Think your dog is smart? Check out Chaser the border collie
Popular Science: I Met the World’s Smartest Dog
Science News: Dog Sniffs Out Grammar

Scientific American:
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Amazon review:
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Book Professor:
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Dog Time
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Jade and Oak:
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PerPETually Speaking:
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Pet Life Radio, Oh Behave!: Find out how Chaser became the world’s smartest dog
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Uncommon Descent: New book about Chaser the border collie who knows a thousand words
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