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We are currently updating the site and will be working on linking the articles with the publications.

Please see the current links below.

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huff post
Betty White's Smartest Animals TX card
60 minutes
BBC worldwide
60 minutes overtime
people logo
paris match
National geo kiids
nat geo wild
60 minutes overtime
scientific american
Popular Science
CBS Sunday morning
Furmageddon pic (1)

National Geographic

New York Times

Readers Digest:

People Magazine

Le Chien qui comprends 1000 mots

Wall Street Journal:
USA Today:
Huffington Post: Dog Gets Grammar? Chaser The Border Collie Knows Nouns, Verbs & Prepositions, Study Shows:
Fox & Friends (Fox News Network):
Fox & Friends The Show After the Show: 

Huffington Post: Descartes the Bogeyman -- and the Dog Who's Nailing His Coffin Shut
Business Insider:
Live Science:
MSN: Think your dog is smart? Check out Chaser the border collie
Popular Science: I Met the World’s Smartest Dog
Science News: Dog Sniffs Out Grammar

Scientific American:
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt:
Amazon review:
Big City Pet:
Bocci’s Beefs blog:
Book Professor:
Coon Hound Tales:
Democratic Underground:
Dog Time
Ecology Mania:
4 The Love of Animals blog:

Jade and Oak:
Kirkus review: 
Michael Scally blog:
Oh My Dog blog:
Paw Print Pet blog:
PerPETually Speaking:
Pet Health Care Gazette:
Pet Life Radio, Oh Behave!: Find out how Chaser became the world’s smartest dog
Philip Turner blog:
Sugar the Golden Retriever:
The Baton:
Two Little Cavaliers:
Uncommon Descent: New book about Chaser the border collie who knows a thousand words
Wag N Woof Pets: 










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