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Women behind the dog

Chaser is truly a family dog and has been raised her entire life with the Pilley women. 


Sally Pilley

Matriarch - Chaser's mom

Married to John Pilley for over 60 years and the matriarch of the family. She gave Chaser to John as a Christmas gift, so that he would quit jabbering about border collies in his retirement and get to work with his own dog. Sally is a registered nurse and has always been the nurturing wrangler of the Pilley clan. She is John Pilley's one true love and Chaser's devoted mom. She is also a founding member of the Yaya Wino's (think witches of Eastwick meets "the Housewives of Spartanburg County") and has taken Chaser for two walks every day since she brought Chaser home as a 2 month old puppy.

pilley women.JPG
Flash back Friday. Chaser the Border Col

Deb Pilley Bianchi 

AKA Pilley Bianchi. Music Producer, Chaser Senior Executive Producer. Writer & Co-trainer of Chaser

Pilley Bianchi is the youngest daughter of John Pilley. She has had an extensive career in the music industry for 30 years and never imagined she would be utilizing those same skills to manage an “old man and his dog.” She has a very close personal relationship with Chaser and has surrendered to being outsmarted by her younger canine sister. She finally understood her place in the family hierarchy when her father called her “Chaser” on the phone. Woof.

the last walk.jpg

Robin Pilley  
White water raft guide, first born & research assistant

John's first born, Robin followed in her father's footsteps with a BS psychology from Wofford College and a BA in classical guitar from USC. Like her father, she is also an expert white - water paddler and was head raft guide at the Nantahala outdoor center for 17 years. Robin was a professional photographer in NYC during the off season from the river and was integral in documenting Chaser's training, co-training and research. She has raised three lovable Siberian Huskies,and has managed Chaser's day to day for the past year.

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